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H a i r : Lorelay by EnVogue (Hair Fair 2017)
S u n g l a s s e s : Margherita by Elise
E a r r i n g s : Margherita Hears by Elise
N e c k l a c e : Margherita by Elise
D r e s s : Margheritas by Zafair
S h o e s : Jane by Salvadori
B a g : Margherita by Elise


S U N on M E

Hi dear readers!
Here’s for you this look to start with style, class, cheerfulness and lightness this day.
This outfit is Rowne total look.
These special glasses are of David Heather, so also the bag.
The hair mix is ​​also Rowne‘s.
Particularly referring to these magnificent ears of the Swallow brand.
The beautiful necklace is my favorite brand of jewels, Mandala.

Yellow is one of my favorite colors for the summer, in all its nuances, transmits cheerfulness and carefree.
However, it is a very difficult and particular color to match.
Care should be taken, it is very easy to make style mistakes.
With yellow you can match different colors:

  • Yellow and White (as in this post): very simple and refined;
  • Yellow and Blue Overseas or Klein Blue: makes the look very eccentric and particular, it’s a winning combination … be careful, but the Marge Simpson effect is around the corner;
  • Yellow and Purple: a combination that I personally love, beware of the incarnate;
  • Yellow and Blue Petroleum / Green Petroleum / Green Peacock: a winning and very interesting combination;
  • Yellow Chartreuse and Blue Dust / Light Blue / Sugar Paper: a truly summer and refined combination to embellish with bright jewelery;
  • Yellow and Black: Attention, although it is a very used combination, style may remain anonymous.


Morgaine Guenièvre Muse



H a i r 1 : Natasha Bun by Rowne
H a i r 2 : Raquel Ponytail by Rowne
S u n g l a s s e s : Pawn by David Heather
E a r s : Gauged Hears by Swallow
N e c k l a c e : 777 by Mandala
B o d y s u i t : Aza Ruffled by Rowne
S k i r t : Jitte Asymmetric by Rowne
S h o e s : Erix by Rowne
B a g : Bally by David Heather


After a year, here I am with this new post.
Many things have changed and many scandals have involved my name.
The important thing is that you talk about it
Yes, I’m ugly … different to your eyes.
I’m different from everyone.
I’ve always loved combining the “rebellious” style with my style in dressing up very elegant.
Today I would like to propose you these new ears (Swallow – Drop Ears).
They are really beautiful, I love them.
The HUD is really very effective, practical and full of options.

SWALLOW Landmark



H a i r : Sharp by Epoque
E a r s : Drop Hears by Swallow
L i p s t i c k : Shade by Kooqla
N e c k l a c e : 777 by Mandala